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You have only one opportunity to open your certified Theraform center in your city.
Start your own successful business, enjoy doing your work and make your customers happy! ​

You have only one opportunity to open your certified Theraform center in your city. Start your own successful business, enjoy doing your work and make your customers happy! ​

SINCE 1993



Plastitherapie is a unique method and works with no pills, drugs or devices.

You have a great opportunity to know our first innovative, totally natural method of Plastitherapie in the first accredited center THERAFORM in Israel


In Spain now

Do you want to lose weight? Make your first move towards perfect body, scheduling your first free consultation online with our specialists in Spain.

  • Madrid : c/ Velázquez nº 124, 5º izda. 28006
  • Aranjuez :c/ Capitán Angosto, nº 148. 28300

About Theraform

Theraform ‑ French LEADER in weight loss field with more than 25 years of experience.  It uses exclusive and innovative method of Plastithérapie® based on scientist’s researches.

Theraform ‑ international franchise net led by Mr. Dormigny,  who made this brand successful  and recognizable thanks to his  scientific  approach about health and life.

We are the team of professionals who love what we do and happy to help every our client to lose weight with minimum worries. Our client is never by himself. We always there for him. We always here to help, explain and motivate.

Every employee of our company or franchise member likes what we do because our work is positive, useful, effective and gives awesome results. Every day we receive the most precious appreciation from our clients ‑ their sincere smiles and thanks.

Using the most effective ways of losing weight our goals are:

  • Help to the customer to lose weight using natural and harm-free way.
  • Maintain the results during the long time.
  • To save health and good mood during whole life.
  • Fight the main problem of the century –obesity.
  • Be the ideal solvation of the problem for those who want to get rid of extra pounds

We are pleased to see our happy customers who get their dreamed body back and watch them gaining self-confidence and the taste of life again.

Our priority is our clients.  And we everything possible to make them happy!

The method

What is
Plastithérapie® ?

Plastithérapie® is a French method of losing weight that has been practiced  more than 25 years only in certified  Theraform centers. It’s totally natural, very simply and can be used by pretty much everyone.

The system itself is the result of more than 20 years of research initiated by French scientists.

Plastithérapie®  is a summary of manual stimulation of certain areas on your body (to restore the balance of your health system) and individual eating plan (balance in  food).


  • cooperates with systems of your body to awake sleeping functions and restore their work
  • uses only natural selected food

The result of these two techniques is, you losing weight for a long period of time. This manual therapy promotes good mood, suppresses your appetite, and forms new eating habits.


Plastithérapie® can be practiced only in specialized  therapeutic Theraform centers and only by specialists who have been properly trained and have a certificate ‑ plastitherapists.

Every plastitherapist is a high level certified specialist and it confirmed not only by his diploma received from the Theraform,  but also by many appreciated customers.

The treatment itself are manual stimulations, which help to restore the balance of your body. During the first session, the customer will get a personal program which will allow them to determine the goal of weight loss, amount of sessions, and type of nutrition plan. Every session is 30 minutes long and required 2-3 times a week. During the first 20 sessions you can lose up to 12-14 kg.

With Plastitherapie® you get perfect figure, gain your self-esteem, create your balanced life, stop your addiction to the food and go back to being happier and healthier !


What They Say About Us


Je suis en cours de soin avec Anne depuis 2,5 mois et j’ai perdu 10 kgs. J’apprends à manger équilibré.... toute une rééducation possible grâce à Theraform. Merci Anne et Sophie.... je revis 😍😍


Best place to lose weight healthily and in a good atmosphere.

Lis Ette

רוב חיי הייתי במשקל הרצוי, עד לתקופה כמה שנים בהם הזנחתי את עצמי טיפה (טיפה הרבה) והרשתי לעצמי לעלות מעל הרצוי. תמיד היה בי את הרצון הקטן לחזור למידה בה הייתי אך משהו בי לא הצליח למצב את עצמו במקום הנכון; הרבה ויתוריים, עצלנות, חוסר מוטיבציה, חוסר ידיעה, מושג ושליטה.


I wanted to loose weight for years but I didn't find the motivation. When a friend encourages me to try Theraform I was a little bit sceptic. But then, when I've seen the result, days after days, weeks after weeks, I couldn't believed it! I've losed 8 kilos in less than 2 months!!!


1 an que j'essai de perdre les kilos pris pendant ma période d'alyah...3 semaines pile après ma première séance, j'ai déjà perdu 9kg sur un objectif de 12 ! Je ne sais pas comment elle a fait, mais j'ai un appétit de moineau. Merci Anne !!


Je remercie Theraform de m’avoir permis de retrouver ma ligne et aidé à perdre mes kilos de grossesse ! N’hésitez pas , ça marche !


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